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Revolutionize the way video conferencing and AI assistants work.

Introducing the neooHolo

Introducing the neooHolo, a groundbreaking leap in A.I. engagement. Built as a life-sized interactive A.I. assistant, it’s your personalized solution for providing context-aware answers to your users’ questions.

Experience neooHolo, the next frontier of A.I. interaction


A 6-feet tall housing for the holographic A.I. assistant, neooAI.

Companion Display

The main interface to communicate with the neooAI.

Get to know the neooAI

Powered by the latest LLMs similar to ChatGPT and , the neooAI provides an impressive AI assistant anywhere you place the neooHolo. 

The neooAI can be used to serve a high tech virtual clerk that can provide services such as:

Choose the right character for your brand.

With a slew of customization options ranging from their gender, accent, attire, art style, and more – every neooAI can be tailored to fit the branding and aesthetics of your business.

An A.I. Built for You

A proprietary A.I. assistant built in-house that can provide well-informed answers based on the data you train it with. Simply train it with your data source and the neooAI can provide specialized expert services such as:

Supply Your Own Data Sets

Have the neooAI respond with well-informed and context-aware answers based on the data sets you supply. Have the AI respond to inquiries about your company's products, mission, targets, and more.

Website Information​

With access to your website, the neooAI can respond with relevant information, links, contact information,  media, and pages for your client's inquiry.

Multiple Language Support

With support for up to 40 different languages, the neooAI can be a perfect fit for any company.

Customizable Avatar

You can fine-tune the personality and response style of your neooAI to respond in accordance with your company's values and tone of voice.

An A.I.-powered smart desk

Powered by neooAI, the neooDisplay is a self-contained A.I. interfacing device that also serves as the main interface between you and the neooAI. With the neooDisplay, you can:

A Holographic A.I. Expert, At Your Service

The neooHolo is the next frontier in communicating with A.I. models. Powered by neooAI, the neooHolo is a step above every other A.I.  available today. 

Lifelike A.I. Conversations

With neooHolo, you can have organic, natural conversations with your A.I. with information you've trained it with.
Simply speak out loud and the A.I. will respond naturally!

Sleek, Eye-Catching Design

With a modern, minimalist take on cutting-edge technology, the neooHolo is the perfect blend of form and function.

Built In-House

Built by hand and sourced from only the most carefully curated materials.

Various Implementations

It can get a little tricky to find the right use for cutting-edge products. Here are a few of our favorite implementations of our neooHolo suite:

Website Aide

Implement the neooAI directly to your website, where it can have access to all the relevant information necessary to provide a detailed and properly constructed contextual response to any questions or prompts.

AI Expert Helpdesk

Designed to be placed in key common areas, the AI Expert Helpdesk can be a great way of showcasing information and more. It can provide information on exhibits, venue highlights, events, restaurants, and more.

Can provide data analysis for the collection of AI prompts and responses.

AI Concierge

Whether you need a stand-in for your company’s receptionist, a reliable archivist for company information, or an interactive tourist guide, the neooHolo can be trained with the necessary data to provide  a never-before-seen way of communicating with A.I.

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Holographic conferencing is here

The HoloBox is also used for the neooverse’s holo-conferencing project, HoloConference. Explore a futuristic way of speaking with colleagues and clients.

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