Your very own virtual HQ for any workspace, exhibit, or course.

Complete with seamless integration of modern leading technologies such as digital spaces, AI, and a suite of remote communication tools.

Not just another video conferencing tool


Digital Workspaces

Packed with tools that make communication and collaboration easier, the neooverse is the perfect tool for any team working remotely.

Digital Exhibits

With the capacity to have thousands of online participants, hold your next expo, convention, and exhibit in the digital space of the neooverse.

Trainings & Courses

Hold trainings, lectures, and other professional development courses straight from the neooverse with our AI-driven learning tools.

Video conversations - made better.

Whether for the occasional water cooler chat at work or for exchanging contact details at events – conversing with people in the neooverse is as simple as walking up to them and striking a conversation directly – just like in real life!

Make your work easier with AI.

AI is here to stay – and with the neooverse, it’s much simpler to integrate it into your workflow.

Experience the built-in LLM of the neooverse to significantly simplify your workflow.

Navigate digital spaces with ease

Using W, A, S, and D keys or the arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, and Right) on your keyboard, you can explore events grounds, training halls, and offices seamlessly in the neooverse.

Works on all modern devices

Explore all these and more

Get your own neooverse today

You’re one step closer to having your very own neooverse. Simply shoot us your inquiries and we will be happy to get your digital space up and running as soon as possible.