The neooverse for businesses

Virtual Storefronts

Invite your customers over to an actual virtual storefront that elevates the e-commerce experience to the next level.

AI Clerks

Let your customers be assisted by the neooverse’s built-in AI assistant in making their purchasing decisions. With an AI Clerk ready to provide information, you can cut down on labor costs AND have longer operational hours.

More accessible customer service

The neooverse makes it easier to approach a customer service representative for any inquiries. Simply have a representative present in your neooverse space and customers can simply walk up and strike a conversation with them.

Global Accessibility

Reach a global market with the neooverse. With its ease of access, communication tools, and device compatibility – you can easily reach new sectors of the world market.

Integrate existing e-commerce platforms

Link your virtual storefront to your existing digital storefront easily with neooverse zones that direct customers straight to your e-commerce platforms.