The neooverse for learning

Hold courses, lectures, and trainings

Hold professional development activities straight from the neooverse with a neooverse spaces dedicated for teaching and learning.

Invite key educators and field experts

Invite key figures in any field to conduct special talks, trainings, and more. Invite scientists, professors, developers, and other key experts from anywhere in the world to share their expertise to the neooverse.

Convenient for busy schedules

The neooverse makes it easy to hold trainings and lectures without having to set a whole work day out of the office. Having a one-hour lecture in the neooverse’s learning spaces is just a matter of moving your avatar – no commute, no added venue rentals, minimized distraction from your daily tasks.

Remote accessibility

Participants from diverse locations can easily access the neooverse and the trainings inside, promoting inclusivity and removing logistical constraints associated with traditional in-person training sessions.