The neooverse for executives

Secure On-Prem Implementation

Experience complete privacy with the neooverse’s on-premises implementation. All chat content remains on-premises and all neooverse data is stored on your company’s servers.

Conduct board meetings, have private conversations, and exchange essential files with utmost security.

Get Updates Faster

Communicate with any team and managers quickly and effectively.
For instance, requesting and collecting last-minute information for crucial meetings is streamlined and made simpler. Simply visit the responsible department’s office and strike up a Proximity Chat with the person in charge.

Track Conversations and Data

Keep track of the information, chat logs, and discussions that take place among your teams. Ensure that everyone in the organization is on the same page and accountable for their actions.

Manage Your Appointments All In One Place

The neooverse is a convenient space for all your communication needs. Let your secretary set appointments, allow/schedule/restrict entry, and inform you of any upcoming meetings – all from within your virtual office in the neooverse, allowing you to maximize your schedule while minimizing platform switches.

Virtual Academy

Host training sessions on cybersecurity and company privacy within your own virtual academy. Address critical company-wide issues such as data breaches, AI misinformation, and conducting proper research.

On-Prem AI Integration

Utilize the neooverse’s integrated AI to go through through databases and documents. With its on-prem implementation, all data uploaded and hosted data has no third party involvement.
  • Database: Use pre-engineered prompts to easily get the information you need through data and reports from different departments easily.
  • Documents: Save time by summarizing documents, reports, proposals, and more with a click of a button.

Global Reach

Seamlessly visit neooverses of your company’s offices across the globe. Monitor targets, get branch updated, and collaborate with sister companies simply and effortlessly.

Broadcast Functionality

Communicate important announcements to entire departments or teams through broadcast chats to enhance organizational communication and alignment.