The neooverse for guests

Company Showcase

Extend invitations for virtual neooverse tours to individuals interested in learning more about your company and its achievements. Provide immersive tours that take your guests to your company’s culture, milestones, and innovations.

Convenient Video Meetings

Facilitate easy access to video meetings within Neooverse, allowing for seamless communication and collaboration. Encourage casual interactions to build rapport and deepen connections and discussions.

AI-Powered Presentations

Highlight your company’s profile further by providing a presentation or pitch with the neooverse’s very own AI presenter.

Allow guests to interact with the AI to learn more about your company’s offerings, values, and vision. 

Global Accessibility

Extend invitations to individuals from around the world, regardless of geographical location, to join meetings and events hosted within the neooverse. Expand your reach and connect with a diverse audience.

Multimedia Showcase

Showcase a variety of media types from within the neooverse, including

  • 3D models
  • marketing videos
  • web apps
  • social media links

Engage guests with dynamic presentations that showcase your company’s products, services, and achievements.