The neooverse for managers

Streamlined Progress Tracking

Monitor team progress and output effortlessly. Engage in instant face-to-face communication, screen-sharing, and file sharing with team members.

Instant Feedback and Review

Provide real-time feedback on tasks assigned to your team such as graphics and branding work, content writing, and more. Promote agile decision-making and minimze delays.


Inter-Department Collaboration

Foster collaboration between departments by providing an easy way to discuss projects, joint ventures, and more.

Lock Conversations

Use Conversation Lock to limit proximity chats. For example, if you need to talk to a fellow manager about confidential issues, activate the Conversation Lock to prevent other staff or coworkers fromjoining your conversation.

Virtual Academy

Host training sessions on cybersecurity and company privacy within your own virtual academy. Address critical company-wide issues such as data breaches, AI misinformation, and conducting proper research.

Broadcast Functionality

Send memos, broadcasts, and announcements to your team easily with the neooverse’s integrated topic-specific group chat functionality.

On-Prem AI Integration

Utilize the neooverse’s integrated AI to go through through databases and documents. With its on-prem implementation, all data uploaded and hosted data has no third party involvement.
  • Database: Use pre-engineered prompts to easily get the information you need through data and reports from different departments easily.
  • Documents: Save time by summarizing documents, reports, proposals, and more with a click of a button.