The neooverse for teams

Better teamwork and camaraderie

Proximity Chatting enables users to engage in spontaneous and informal chats with their colleagues and coworkers, just like in a real office. Users can also enjoy various virtual spaces for fun and relaxation, such as Lounge, Arcades, and more.

Easier collaboration between colleagues

The neooverse provides a simpler way to collaborate with your colleagues. For example, you can request feedback and guidance from managers, team members, mentors, or seniors by simply approaching their avatar to initiate a Proximity Chat and sharing your screen.

Enhanced Work-Life Balance:

Experience improved work-life balance through working remotely from within the neooverse. Save time and money by eliminating daily commutes and associated costs.

Replicated Office Settings

Promote a more engaging remote work experience by replicating traditional office settings and aesthetics. Enjoy personalized desk spaces and easy access to colleagues, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Cloud-Based Chatting and File Sharing

Seamlessly send and receive files between colleagues using cloud-based chatting and file-sharing features. Access files from any device, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Focused Work with Conversation Lock

Maintain focus on critical tasks with the Conversation Lock feature. Temporarily restrict incoming chats during time-sensitive projects to minimize distractions.

Privacy Enhancement with Virtual Backgrounds

Enhance privacy during Proximity Chat by utilizing virtual backgrounds. Transform any environment into a suitable workspace, ensuring confidentiality and professionalism.

On-Prem AI Integration

Leverage AI capabilities within Neooverse to streamline tasks such as email writing, PDF summarization, and idea brainstorming. Benefit from enhanced productivity and efficiency in a secure on-premises environment.

Effortless Screen Sharing

Share your screen effortlessly within the neooverse to showcase work progress, seek advice, or display status messages. Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and teams, promoting transparency and communication.