Getting Started

Welcome to the neooverse! Here’s a quick breakdown of the neooverse’s features: 



The ACTIVITY LOG allows you to change a few key neooverse settings as well as monitor employee clock-in/out times.

Changing the time zone allows you to have a reference time zone that will be used for your workplace’s start/end time as well as tracking employee performance (e.g. being late/early)

Simply set your work hours here to track employee attendance accordingly.

To see an employee’s attendance details, simply select their USER ID from the drop-down menu then select the TIME PERIOD (START DATE and END DATE) that you would like to see then press SUBMIT.

Alternatively, you could also tick on the TODAY checkbox to just see their attendance details on the current day.


The SETTINGS page includes a few elements that you can change to customize your neooverse even more.

To change what is displayed when you click on the Content Portal button on the neooverse, simply add the URL of the content you would like to display on the Enter Your Website Here field.

The Timeout Value determines the time it takes for an idle user to be kicked out of the neooverse. Whenever a user is kicked out, their logout will also reflect on the ACTIVITY PORTAL.

The Restart Neooverse utility allows you to clear the neooverse’s cache and restart the neooverse. This can be helpful when running into issues inside the neooverse. Always remember to inform any users currently on the neooverse to save their work whenever you will be doing a restart.



This utility is for resetting user passwords. If you get a request from a user to have their password reset, simply navigate to this page and select said user from the drop-down menu to assign a New Password for them. They can then sign in with this password and change it to something else should they need to.