Digital Workspaces

Experience remote productivity like never before. Simplify brainstorming, team collaboration, and project tracking with our built-in suite of A.I. tools, communication utilities, and more.

Upgrade your workplace communication today

The neooverse is not built to replace existing solutions – instead, it aims to further improve team communication by simplifying the video calling experience.

No invite links – simply walk up to a colleague’s avatar to speak with them.

Upgrade your remote work experience with the neooverse

Remote Teams


Team Building Activities

Corporate Meetings

Cut downtime between communication

Through simplified video calling and easily accessible communication methods that don’t require additional app installation and sending invite links to online meetings, the neooverse aims to streamline the communication process of professionals.

Whether by being a central hub for multi-floor office departments to being a more effective way to communicate across different branches – the neooverse is perfect for any remote collaboration needs.

Track employee performance easily

With easy access to screen sharing and easier communication tools as well as built-in employee tracking features such as time-in/time-out tracking, the neooverse facilitates a simple way of upgrading your physical workplace into  a virtual one.

A space for any need

Whether you need a meeting room to invite clients from outside the neooverse over or a general purpose office space for all employees, there is a neooverse workspace for it.

Built-in AI Tools

Whether you need help summarizing your spreadsheets, going over legal documents, or debugging a certain line of code – the neooverse’s neooAI can help simplify your work significantly.