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Search with AI

Experience the next frontier of search engines. Now empowered by neooAI.

AI-powered Data Analysis

Summarize big data, generate reports, and analyze comprehensive data sets with the power of AI.

Clarify and summarize information with AI

Go through PDFs, spreadsheets, and other data sets in a blink of an eye.

Employ your AI Professional

Our proprietary AI built with the most cutting-edge of AI technology.

Tell me how to get to Sharjah from Al Ain Write a Javascript code to animate a headline Give me a good 65" TV to get for $500 Summarize The Catcher in the Rye |

Empower your Search

With neooAI Search, getting relevant web search results has never been easier.

Get the results and answers you need without scrolling through sponsored results, ads, and SEO-optimized articles.

Fully on-prem implementation

Fully on-prem implementation

AI-summarized results

No ads and sponsored posts

Various search agents for more relevant results

Clarify Documents

Summarize reports, papers, reading material, and more.
Easily search through pages of data and get only the relevant information you need.

Analyze Data Using AI

Analyze streamlines the process of data analysis. Generate insights and visualizations from key data sets directly into your own dashboard.

Built specifically for precision, visualization, and ease of use –  Analyze is a highly accurate data scientist with 99.9% accuracy.

Employ Persona Today

By training the Persona to provide specific information pertaining to your company, it can serve as an employee that can be tasked as:

Company Representative

Introduce and provide key information about your company

Meeting Assistant

Provide meeting agenda and relevant information in meeting and conferences

Tour Guide

Provide directions and point guests towards attractions and locations

Choose your Persona

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