Bring your shop, services, office, customer service center, and more to the virtual spaces of the neooverse. 

The perfect digital space for your business

Create a virtual representation of you and your business. Bring your business to the neooverse and have access to a suite of useful tools like AI Clerks, Real-time Translation, Proximity Chatting, and more.

More than an online storefront

Virtual Spaces

AI Clerks and Shopkeepers

Easier Communication With Customers

Networking events

Bring your service to the neooverse

The neooverse offers a new, cutting-edge way of bringing your business online.

With your very own virtual space that customers can visit and interact with, the neooverse is the perfect online alternative to your physical shop.

Break down language barriers

With a built-in real-time translation tool, the neooverse is the perfect venue to easily communicate, transact, and do business with people from different cultures.

Customize your virtual spaces

For your shops or customer-facing offices, the neooverse offers a slew options to build your virtual branding and theme.

Be part of the first virtual mall experience

Share the space with other businesses in an infinitely expandable virtual mall. Provide your customers with all the benefits of visiting your shop with all the convenience and comfort of traditional online shopping.

Level up your business virtually

Whether you’re promoting your latest products, looking for investors, or clearing old stock – the neooverse makes it easy to promote each item with built-in ways of showcasing your inventory:

Welcome your customers with AI

Have the neooverse’s built-in AI serve as your salesperson and have it introduce your business, promote your products, and provide detailed information that customers need. 

Interact with the neooAI Infodesk

Placed in common areas with high footfall around the neooverse, the neooAI Infodesk can be trained with information that can help your customers visit your shop such as ongoing promotions, your shop’s location, and other services your company offers.

Accessible to a wider variety of shoppers

Visiting your shop – even for overseas customers – can be as simple as clicking a link.

Revolutionize how you attend online events

Whether it be for a trade show, a convention, a talk, or a job fair – the neooverse also provides a whole new dimension to attending online events by integrating virtual spaces as well as integrated communication tools that make it simple to interact with fellow businesses, customers, and more.