Digital Exhibits

With large, multi-purpose digital spaces that can house up to a thousand different individuals simultaneously, the neooverse can also serve as a perfect venue for conventions, exhibits, expos, and other collaborative events.

The perfect digital space for all your exhibits, events, and more

Digital events are here to stay. Bring your company to the neooverse via branding customization, content portals, AI exhibitors, and more.

More than a digital events ground

Product Showcases and Launches

AI Exhibitor

Talks and Conferences

Networking events

Expand on online interactions

The neooverse makes interacting with other users easy. With the neooverse’s proximity chatting feature, you can simply walk up to someone to strike up a conversation.

The neooverse also has a built-in instant messaging feature that can make it easier to exchange files, contact information, and messages.

Break down language barriers

With a built-in real-time translation tool, the neooverse is the perfect venue to easily communicate with people from different cultures.

Customize your exhibit spaces

For exhibits and conventions, your company can set up a stall in the neooverse that can be customized with branding, content portals, and more.

Select an exhibit hall that’s right for you

The neooverse allows you to build, customize, and reuse your digital event exhibit booths for different use cases.

There are also a variety of sizes for events spaces to suit any event or convention.

Invite speakers to hold talks, speeches, and conferences

With access to video conferencing tools with dozens of simultaneous participants, the neooverse is the perfect venue to have guest speakers conduct various speeches, talks, and other activities that include speaking to a large group at once.

Hold a variety of virtual showcases

Whether you’re promoting consumer products or product launches, the neooverse makes it possible to hold digital events with different showcase styles to properly highlight a wide variety of products or events.

Introduce your brand with AI

Have AI conduct an introductory slideshow for your brand complete with a fully-voiced AI assistant that provides summarized content.

Interact with the AI Infodesk

Ask for information about conventions, exhibits, and other interesting things currently in the neooverse. Complete with AI integration.

Accessible to a wider variety of attendees

Whether you’re living in the opposite side of the world to an event that’s currently taking place in the neooverse, joining it is as simple as clicking a link or two.

Revolutionize how you attend online events

Whether it be for a trade show, a convention, a talk, or a job fair – the neooverse provides a whole new dimension to attending online events by integrating virtual spaces as well as integrated communication tools that make it simple to interact with exhibitors, speakers, and fellow attendees.