The neooverse is the perfect place for learners and educators to collaborate. With neooverse’s course structure, you can experience a wholly unique way of online learning.

Facilitate learning with AI and built-in e-learning tools

The neooverse is more than just a venue to meet and hold lectures – it also includes a whole suite of tools designed to make it easier for learners to maximize their learning and for educators to bring their course material to digital spaces.

Digital learning – made easier

Online Lectures

AI Lecturers

Learning Certificates

Team Collaboration

Train using AI Lecturers

The neooverse is home to the neooAI, a full-fledged AI model that can be trained with specific course material to serve as AI Lecturers. By training neooAI with e-books, lecture notes, and other documents – it can make learning AND teaching easier.

AI Lecturers are capable of holding fully AI-voiced lectures and can provide responses to questions inquiries.

Track progress and earn achievements

With its built-in progress tracking and achievement system, the neooverse incentivizes learners to take initiative towards getting the next milestone and having it display on their profile.

Fully virtual classrooms

Avoid online class fatigue with the more collaborative nature of the neooverse’s educational spaces. For cases where the AI Lecturer might not prove enough, lecturers can teach directly in virtual spaces designed specifically to serve as classrooms.